There’s nothing we love more than recycling and trees. So on October 10th, we teamed up with our friends at Bennett Compost, My Milkcrate, Bella Vista Neighbors Association and TreePhilly to collect some of those hard-to-recycle items for proper disposal during a tree giveaway event. We collected hangers, plastic bags, pens / markers, lightbulbs, and batteries. (Check out pictures here.)

And the results are in! We collected:

  • 311 pens / markers
  • 125 hangers
  • 25 pounds of batteries
  • 111 lightbulbs
  • 54 plastic bags

While you may not be able to recycle those specific household items at the curbside, the Streets Department  continuously adds new products to the list of what’s acceptable in your blue bin (hello, cartons and plastics 1-7!) Keep up with what is and isn’t recyclable at the curb here, and remember you can always contact our offices (215-854-4000 or with all of your recycling questions!