What’s in your waste?


We’re kicking off Earth Day, and our Stay Home Web Series, by asking you to be a Waste Detective! You’ll learn about what kind of waste is in your home, understand how much recyclable and reusable items are in your waste stream, and investigate options on how your waste may be reduced.


Let’s Get Started!


First, watch the Web Series Video: Waste Audit Introduction. 


Then, if you’re ready to get your hands dirty, check-out the Web Series Video: Supply List  and read KPB Waste Sort Activity Directions and Supply List



Next, view the Web Series Video: How-To and review the KPB Waste Sort Activity Chart and Reflection Questions . You can print this document or  copy down the chart and questions on a blank piece of paper.



Finally, consider creating a video to tell everyone what you learned and/or documenting your project with photos. If you don’t mind us sharing your hard work with others, send us any feedback, photos, or videos via social media or email.


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Please read our note on project safety during COVID-19 Safety Note on COVID-19 and At-Home Activities

This lesson was created from content courtesy of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.