Do you want to build an animal?  Come on, let’s make some art!


Do recent recycling schedule changes mean you have more recyclable items in your bin every other week? Grab a handful of items, any art supplies you have at home, and get ready to do a bit of research!


How to win the title “Quarantine Craftsman”


First, lay out your recyclable items and take a look at what kinds of shapes and materials you have to work with. Not sure what’s recyclable? Reference your city’s recycling website or, if you live in Philly, checkout the guide below.


Think about how you may be able to cut, break, glue, or attach the recyclable items together to create the shape of an animal. You will need to choose an animal that is native to Pennsylvania. If you’re not sure, look it up online, or talk with a parent or teacher to come up with an idea.


Build Time!


After you choose the animal, begin to build your critter. Let your imagination take the lead, and have fun! Watch how two students created their own recycled animals here. 



Finally, take a photo of your finished Reclaimed Critter and send it to us with the type of animal you chose – either via social media or email. We can’t wait to share your handiwork with the KPB community! (Please use subject title “Reclaimed Critter”, and include your full name in the email)

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Please read our note on project safety during COVID-19 Safety Note on COVID-19 and At-Home Activities

This lesson was created from content courtesy of Take Pride, Winnipeg!