What do you love about your block?


If you’ve been self-quarantining or social distancing since late March (thank you!), chances are high that you’ve spent way more time at home and within one square block of your neighborhood. With all of this extra time in one place, we challenge you to observe or find a renewed appreciation for what’s beautiful about your block.


Do some of your neighbors have window-boxes blooming with pollinator plants? Maybe there’s a lone native tree planted on the sidewalk. Does your postal worker always share a friendly smile at your door? Or can you hear a talented neighbor play their musical instrument through an open window?




Tell us about your block


There are so many creative ways to communicate what makes your block beautiful. We put together a few prompts to get you started.


– Draw, paint, or take a photo of a tree, flower, or plant on your block or within a few blocks from your home. Try to identify what type of species it is (here’s a list of native PA plants, or try this if you’re not sure where to start). 

– Pretend that you’re a type of backyard bird and write a poem about your block from the bird’s point of view.

– Create a map of your block (we copied Open Street Map’s layout for our map drawing). Your map might include storm drains, stormwater projects, buildings, sidewalks, or parks. Display your block’s Litter Index Score and the name of your City Councilperson somewhere on the map.  What surprising or unique feature on the map do you want us to know about?

– Write a jingle, song, or play.  Get a family member, room mate, or a dexterous pet to record your performance!

– If you’re having difficulty finding inspiration, check out the history of your neighborhood, learn about your favorite local park, or interview a block captain or long-time block resident (keeping safety and social distance guidelines in mind) about their experiences in the neighborhood. Take note of any unique details or things that surprise you. Share a few sentences about what you’ve learned.


Submit your creation


Let’s spread the Philly-block love! Please include your zip code and how many years you’ve lived on your block when submitting the finished project. To enter a submission:

1. Post to your social media account using #mybeautifulphl or send us a direct message.

@KeepPhiladelphiaBeautiful (Facebook and Twitter)

@beautifulphl (Instagram)

2. Or, e-mail us at info@keepphiladelphiabeautiful.org


Thank you for Keeping Philly Beautiful!


Please read our Safety Note on COVID-19 and At-Home Activities