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What does #MyBeautifulPHL mean to you?

When you think of the beauty of Philadelphia, what comes to mind?

The vast, sparkling skyline at night? The delicate cherry blossom trees that line your street?  The Ben Franklin bridge stretching across the water? The bustling sidewalk of your neighborhood’s business district?

Gosh. We’re gonna go with “all of the above.”

This summer, Keep Philly Beautiful is teaming up with the talented teen photographers at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center to create the #MyBeautifulPHL photo series. Each week, we will be posting an original photograph highlighting a portion of Philly’s multi-faceted beauty. Photo subjects will range from the iconic mainstays to the hyper-local hidden gems, and may include parks, architecture, people…you get the picture (*wink*).

We’d love for you to join in.

First, follow the hashtags #MyBeautifulPHL and #KeepPhillyBeautiful on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then, next time you’re in your favorite little corner of Philadelphia, snap a photo and share it with us, making sure to tag it #MyBeautifulPHL.

Not a photographer? No worries! If you still want to show your support, we’ll be hosting an exhibition of the PPAC teens’ work this summer. You’re all invited to stop by, grab a snack, browse the photographs, and talk to the teen photographers. In exchange for helping us out with this awesome project, we’re hoping to give them as much exposure (**wink wink**) as possible.

We all know that clean, litter-free neighborhoods are vital to the local economy, native flora and fauna, and community pride. To us, #MyBeautifulPHL signifies more than one singular scene; to us, the true beauty in this project is the collective celebration of our local neighborhood places and spaces. To us, #MyBeautifulPHL is in the love Philadelphians have for their city.

What could be more beautiful than that?

The image featured in this post was taken by PPAC teen photographer Cindy Pham.